Creative Services

At Hayes Media, we believe that no matter how big or small your business, you have something unique that makes customer’s choose you over your competition. And your advertising and marketing should celebrate that difference. At Hayes Media, we believe that that’s how you build a brand. And how you build a business.

Great advertising is more than putting together pretty pictures. Our creative team thrives on creating memorable messaging and high impact graphics that are as individual as each of our clients and that are based on achieving specific goals and meeting specific needs. And even when they’re creating seasonal or single sale ads, they never lose sight of your long-term goals and vision. We don’t simply put your logo into a template and expect you to be happy.

We work closely with clients to help uncover and define an advertising strategy, key messaging and branded materials that will cut through the clutter and maximize results that enhance your brand message, motivate consumers and move product. We create advertising tailor made for you and your budget.

What we offer

Logo design and branding
Collateral and Sales Material
Print Ads
Direct Marketing
Point of Sale
Outdoor Product and Packaging Design
Campaign Development
Web Design
Mobile Marketing
Social Media
Animation, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects